Vinit Keshav Jha


Vinit Keshav was born on 31th Oct 1990, in an affluent and one of the most prominent families in Bihar. He is the son of L K Jha AGM - RIL. He has a younger sister Supriya Jha who actively doing MCA and does not hold any formal rank. He is presently a SEO Manager of Bharwal IT Solution Pvt Ltd. His mother is Mrs. Silan Jha and she is a House Wife. Apart from this, he is the active BJP Member in Delhi and also looks after Youth of BJP India.

He had completed his school education from L N High School. He had done a major portion of his schooling from home due to personal reasons. He joined Jamiya University, New Delhi for his Bachelor’s degree in Business in 2008. After completing his graduation, Vinit Keshav worked with many companies included V customer, TradeIndia, Axis Softech etc. He had also served as one of the directors of Highlex Technologies Pvt Ltd based on technology outsourcing firm.

Vinit Keshav is the politician of new age. He has adopted new methods of connecting to people. He often visits common man’s houses in his area without any prior information and spends time over there. Listen to their woes and live a life of theirs. Vinit asks his party workers and those in position to follow the same rule. He has gained both popularity among masses and the criticism of his rivals. Some consider it as the best face off with the reality situation while his opponents claim it to be a mere publicity stunt.

Vinit Keshav is also known for his strong comments for Hindu terrorism. In Wiki leaks cable it was revealed that he considered certain Hindu organizations as radical groups who are spreading terrorism. These comments met severe criticism from the opposition parties. His party workers see him as a future spokesperson but vinit have never made any confirmation regarding the matter. He had also kept his personal life totally away from media reporting.